AppSonic JIRA plugin Data privacy (GPRD)

Protecting your data and your privacy is a high priority to AppSonic. We do not give away any collected information. We may use that to improve our products and services.


AppSonic provides two types of Apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.


Jira plugin by AppSonic SAS in the Atlassian Marketplace

Apps hosted and managed by the client (downloadable Products)

We collect analytics information when you use our Downloadable Products to help us improve our Services. Our Downloadable Products contain a feature that sends information about the Downloadable Products on your systems. Some of the information collected is related to the operating environment or hosting service, such as the version installed, the name and version of the Downloadable Product, and the customer SEN.

You can disable our collection of analytics information from Downloadable Products via the Administrator settings or by blocking collection at the local network level.

Installer Analytics, Software Updates & License Information from Downloadable Products

During the installation of our Downloadable Products, the installer sends analytics information to Atlassian to allow us to understand where in the installation process users are experiencing trouble or dropping out. Examples of information we collect for these purposes include the hosting service version installed, the name and version of the Downloadable Product and the server ID, SEN, and IP address of the customer instance.

Cloud Apps manage by AppSonic SAS

Data Storage and Facilities

AppSonic uses AWS to host its cloud hosted add-on components. AppSonic are responsible for provisioning, monitoring and maintaining the AWS infrastructure required to support our Cloud Apps. Log information is stored on AWS cloudwatch.

Stored Jira Data

Unless specifically highlighted below AppSonic do not store our customer data which instead is stored in the Atlassian Cloud Product that the add-on applies to. The data stored in the Atlassian Cloud Product is covered by the Atlassian Cloud Policy which can be found here.

Exceptions for all Cloud Apps

Account Data: Our Cloud Apps store data provided and generated by Atlassian, that are required for license validation, contract administration and communication with the customer instance.

Session Data: Our Cloud Apps store data resulting from each customer’s use of the service and is distinguished from Customer Uploaded Data. This includes for example usage statistics of service functionality. This data is anonymised. Therefore, we cannot identify the end user this data relates to.

Analytics: We use Google Analytics to allow us to analyse behaviour patterns that ultimately lead to product improvements. It is exclusively used in order to improve our service. It does not contain any Customer Uploaded Data or Operational Data. AppSonic only capture the page that is viewed and the referrer along with the tenant identifier. There is additionally individual and organisational data that Google Analytics records, AppSonic do not intend to use this data.

Error Logs data: Our Cloud Apps track errors of our Cloud Apps’ resources executed in the end users’ browsers in real-time. This includes error messages and information about the environment such as browser type, browser version and operating system. It is exclusively used in order to improve our service.

Data Location

Data is stored in the following AWS Regions eu-west-1

People and Access

Only AppSonic Developers or Support Engineers have access to the AWS platform hosting our Cloud Apps. They only have access to the application data to perform system or application support purposes.

HTTPS and SSH are the only protocols available to our cloud platform. SSH access is limited to AppSonic Support Engineers. SSH access is restricted to known trusted internal networks with key-based authentication.

Our platform is JAVA REST web service based on AWS beanstalk which is also layered into public and internal/private. Each one of these services is responsible for its own data and provides its own access controls. We will also ship and monitor logs from these services which we alert if abnormal behaviour is detected.


Data stored in our AWS platform for all cloud Apps from AppSonic is backed with incremental backups.