Practice - French Coach

Your intelligent vocabulary notebook to accompany your learning process. Train where you want, when you want.



“Best practices”

Use the Active Learning for your vocabulary, typical expressions or complex structures. If you’re having trouble with the pronunciation, have a look at our Pronunciation Lab. And if Practice validates what you say, you’re audible. If not, listen to yourself and compare. Finally, the Passive Learning will enable you to keep training even whilst cooking…

“Relevance comes from within”

Learning vocabulary is good. Learning vocabulary we need, is better… YOUR VOCAB, YOUR EXPRESSIONS, YOUR LISTS.

«The harder I train, the easier it gets»

Practice will coach you and challenge you. He will put you under PRESSURE to perform under PRESSURE. His goal is simple : improve vocabulary retention and develop translation reflexes.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

Practice starts working on the short-term Memory which acts like a gateway to long-term Memory, a “warehouse” storing information. Its algorithm and medal system allow you to first take the time to learn, repeating failed words, and then progressively accelerate the pace depending on your results.

“Regularity is the key to perfection in any art”

Practice then takes care of your long-term Memory and follows your progress over time by adjusting the medals of any element that hasn’t been revised. Optimize your down time to train or simply listen.

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