THE fair draw lots !

This application makes draw lots for you of anything and everything!

It can also make your life simplier : you don’t need to make your own choices anymore!

Possibilities are only limited by your imagination:

  • Who does the dishes?
  • Who chooses the TV program?
  • Who drives (doesn’t drink)?
  • What do we eat tonight?
  • Who sings a song?
  • Where will we go tonight?
  • Who offers a drink?
  • Who disguises himself as rabbit?
  • What game do we play tonight?
  • Who puts the trash out?

Not to waste anything, this application could not be easier to use:

  • You create a question, as an exemple: “Who does the dishes?”
  • Next, you add the nominees (possibly from your address book)
  • And that’s it: you just have to start the draw!

Simple, isn’t it!

Several features make this application more than a basic lottery application:

  • Mark items which are already drawn: they can’t be used anymore for the next draw lots.
  • Stop marking items to make basic lottery.
  • Add people from your address book to save time: prevents boring and repetitive keystrokes.
  • Choose the duration to manage suspense!
  • Copy people: if two people have the same name/first name, you will save time!
  • Copy question: those who does the dishes are also those who lay the table? No problem, with one touch you can make a new drawing with the same people!
  • Share last result by eMail.
  • Share a question by eMail.
  • Send a full ordered draw with all question’s items by eMail (for instance, to determine in one time an order of passage).
  • EMail recipient autocomplete from your address book: if you choosed people from your address book, their eMail address are automatically added to the recipient list.

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